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Slandering Richard



Try as I might to see the logical flaw in Sam Neuwirth's opposition to the use of "Dick" as a pejorative, I cannot find one (Mailbox, Jan. 6). It takes an organ which is a source of sexual pleasure, an injector of life, and needlessly associates it with deplorable behavior like that of police officers texting one another their contempt for the public, or people deciding that the entire international medical establishment, led by that awful Dr. Fauci, has tricked us, while Sean Hannity, Joe Rogan and your loud, annoying, somewhat frightening neighbor know the Truth behind virology, immunology and the "Democrat party." Also, it slanders the many fine persons named Dick, along with closet-cases like Rick, Rich and Richard. Some might think Sam a Karen, or a hysteric, but no, he's probably a good Joe. I'd guess he wears the pants in his family and acts like a man, not some Nancy. 

In a world where female persons like Marjorie Taylor Greene walk the same hallowed halls as Ted Cruz, it should not be difficult to find a more appropriate, less divisive bodily part with which to compare behaviors which have a bad smell. Just take a step to the rear. And be sure to hold your nose.

Mitch Trachtenberg, Trinidad

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