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'So Savage and Relevant'

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I read Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's "This is Not a Weed Tampon" (June 13) at 9:30 Thursday night. It was so spot on I didn't even flinch from firing off an annoying group text to friends and colleagues late in the evening. It was a risk worth taking. Fumiko Cahill's article was so savage and relevant, I knew my crew would appreciate her elegant writing even if they were trying to shake off the day through various means of nighttime rituals; meditation, taking a CBD tincture, writing memos on rural economic development or cocktails.

Not 10 minutes passed before a flurry of comments came in and a structured debate was held. Unlike Humboldt's approach to issues like, um, industrial hemp or wind energy (yeah, I said it), we found a rational consensus that this was the best Week in Weed thus far. How did we come to this position, you may ask? Well, we all have "mini heart attacks in our uteruses," all are fighting for the normality of cannabis, all pay taxes on tampons and all have had to deal with one form or another of the gym teacher Jennifer references in her article (I see your sideways glance and raise ya a forward middle finger).

Whoa, whoa, whoa you may say. Was the proverbial bird really necessary? We should have these conversations with professionalism, right? Wrong. My high school gym teacher told me, "Buck up as the boys do," when I asked to go to the nurse as an impressionable 14-year-old girl. This is the same mentality that is currently trying to regulate women's bodies across our nation and keep cannabis federally illegal. Call your relatives in those swing states and make sure they vote. Maybe we will get a lucky two for and push cannabis and women's issues, alike, in the next election.

Terra Carver, Kneeland


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