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Standing with Sanborn


Standing with Sanborn


I have to agree with Alan Sanborn (Mailbox, June 16) on using civil language in public discourse. Maybe we're from another generation where foul language had not invaded the public arena as it has today. I feel it degrades the speaker and the listener. Using civil language does not mean that we're not just as disgusted as others over the situation. In public discourse, foul language will always be foul, at least for me. Ms. Cahill, in her column, did make a point and stimulated conversation.

Minimal reforms will not solve the mass shooting epidemic. Most countries have not allowed military assault weapons in their societies or have banned them after mass shootings and instituted buy-back programs like in Australia. In fact, assault weapons were banned in the U.S. not long ago. We lead the industrialized world by far in mass shootings by 10 to 100 times We›re number one!

The U.S. is the largest legal and illegal arms exporter in the world. Is it surprising that the most powerful military power on the planet has a weapons problem? These weapons make their way around the world and reap a deadly harvest. I think we should follow the money to the manufacturers of these weapons: Smith & Wesson, Remington Outdoor, Sturm Ruger & Co., etc. Millions of these weapons are made selling for billions of dollars. These companies have plenty to donate in campaign contributions. We can and should expose the millions taken by national politicians. The bullets in these weapons are longer than in a handgun. When the bullet hits, it tumbles and does a lot more damage.

We need a return of the assault weapons ban and a buy-back program or we'll continue to see mass shootings on our TVs at night. Sorry to be so civilly unhinged.

David Ross, Eureka

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