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'Still Hope'



When worried about something, my mom would often say, "Well, no news is good news". One day I said, "I don't understand?" and learned, "It means there is still hope." Eureka's rewrite of the camping ban has been delayed and there is still hope that the council could reject it.

The proposal is to change the approach to homelessness. Some years back, Eureka used the current law and the shelter crisis declaration to designate areas with Dumpsters and porta potties for Betty's Blue Angel Village and the short-lived sleeping site program.

This rewrite of the law would designate certain commercial areas, all city parks and within 75 feet of the center line of any recreational trail as no camping areas. The map provided shows only the few commercial areas where camping is prohibited. At one meeting it was explained people would not be arrested, they would only get the equivalent of a parking ticket. Well, imagine parking tickets without painted curbs or signs.

The difference between the Blue Angel Village and the short-lived sleeping site is that one was a place to live and one was only a place to sleep. This re-write of Eureka's camping ordinance is the sleeping site program spread all over town, but without Dumpsters or porta-potties.

Whether you have an opinion or a question, contact council members, especially if you live, work or shop in Eureka. The council number is 441-4144. Their email addresses are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

If you want your thoughts to be part of the record, say so, use the subject: Bill No. 989-C.S. - City Camping Ordinance and also send your email to [email protected].

Janelle Egger, Fortuna

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