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Stop Virtue Signaling



I scratched my head at this new moniker for Latin peoples, so I did some research. Incidentally, my wife has an undergraduate degree in English (Washington University, St. Louis — the 'Harvard' of the Midwest) and a masters in education from Temple University Philadelphia — also a very good school. In other words, equal, at least, in the English regimen to anybody on your staff. She scratched her head also.

"If they want to use a gender neutral word ... uh, how about Latin?"

"Well my dear, that doesn't virtue signal," says I. OK, well what do actual people of Latin descent think?

"We presented our respondents with seven of the most common terms used to describe Latinos and asked them to select the one that best describes them. When it came to 'Latinx,' there was near unanimity. Despite its usage by academics and cultural influencers, 98 percent of Latinos prefer other terms to describe their ethnicity. Only 2 percent of our respondents said the label accurately describes them, making it the least popular ethnic label among Latinos." Here is the article gleaned from a "Progressive Latino Pollster." Please read or at least skim it: www.medium.com/@ThinkNowTweets/progressive-latino-pollster-trust-me-latinos-do-not-identify-with-latinx-63229adebcea.

I guess it's kind of like the he/she pronouns that I have yet to see a single contributor to the NCJ use — I would think the one in a 100 could just be identified by their preferred pronoun rather than the virtue signaling thing. It's not going to make me throw away my NCJ ... but you guys are trying awfully hard to be hipper than thou. No worries, though, that you are using a term to describe the largest expanding ethnic minority in the entire U.S. that they have rejected for use to describe themselves.

I do take some solace in the fact that my wife's masters degree wasn't wasted. It really is a bogus, made up term by white folks in a valiant attempt to be progressive. Near unanimity, eh? Still enjoy the NCJ, and it has an excellent editor ... but dang ... cultural influencers ... that's the NCJ I guess.

John Dillon, Eureka

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