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'Straight from the Source'



Letters here and on social media about my role as Fifth District supervisor concerning the withdrawal of Mercer-Fraser's permit application for a cannabis refinery at its Glendale aggregate plant on the Mad River are far removed from the facts (Mailbox, May 3). Here's the truth with no hidden agenda and straight from the source.

Let's be clear, I did not ever support the permit application in public or privately.

The decision to remap the plant parcel was to bring its ancient zone designation (agricultural) into compliance with the General Plan Update because there are historical vested uses on this property. It is an industrial operation, the norm for almost all businesses in the area. That happened long before we were born.

For months I spoke with Mercer-Fraser about the problems concerning its plan to refine cannabis near the river. These weren't "negotiations," which imply a trade-off, but almost daily discussions that continued until Mercer-Fraser announced it would withdraw the permit. I'm relieved and even proud of the result and thank Mercer-Fraser for making that decision, however difficult it may have been for them.

While Mercer-Fraser says publicly the permit is gone for good, I've made it clear in every way possible that, if in the highly unlikely event it was resubmitted at any time I'm supervisor, my vote would never be in favor, and I'd vigorously encourage the other supervisors to vote it down.

The Fifth District is blessed with some of the greatest water resources in the nation. Doing all that's possible to make our rivers clean and full of fish, like the Klamath I grew up on, is a deeply personal goal, one that guides my efforts as the Fifth District supervisor.

Ryan Sundberg, McKinleyville


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