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What's in Trump's Head?

For three and a half years, I've wondered if President Trump had a brain ("The Anti-Lincoln," June 11). From Day One at his inauguration, he insisted he saw a crowd far larger than photos revealed.

He'll often say one thing one day, then something else the next. When called on it, he'll say he was misinterpreted; he's never wrong.

Trump seldom expresses empathy for others. Currently he's shown minimal sympathy for the thousands who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 or for Black Americans who are protesting for racial equality and demanding justice for George Floyd.

In fact, Trump has managed the near impossible. He's turned Floyd's killing by the police into a feather in his own cap by saying, even before Floyd's funeral, that George must be looking down in praise from heaven because of the positive effect the economic bounce will have on race relations, a bounce which ironically wasn't experienced by Black people.

Lastly, we have the "Bible Walk." Peaceful protesters were forcefully removed from the street so Trump could stroll to a nearby church for a photo-op holding a Bible. Trump with his ego may see the result as positive, but to me, I see an individual with an expression of indifference holding the Bible as if it were an object better left on the shelf.

In conclusion, I can now say Trump does have a brain. However, his brain is abnormal. It is almost completely occupied by his ego with little room for memory, empathy or common sense.

Sherman Schapiro, Blue Lake

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