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While home on summer break in 2015, I had the privilege to intern for then-Deputy Public Defender Ben McLaughlin. Ben inspired me to pursue a legal career. I was impressed with Ben's intelligence, fair-mindedness, legal acumen and ability to objectively view cases from both sides while simultaneously preparing a vigorous defense for his client.

Presently a Santa Clara County Deputy Public Defender, I interact daily with the bench and have gained insight into what differentiates great judges from mediocre ones: Impartiality and intelligence. 

The ability to appreciate and enforce the complexities of law while not allowing them to bog down the legal system.

The ability to balance the interests of our society against the constitutional rights of the individual. 

Ben McLaughlin's long experience in civil litigation, prosecution and public defense finely tuned those attributes in him, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for superior court judge.

Dalton Bradbury, San Francisco


Having spent four years as a deputy district attorney and now serving as Humboldt County's Public Defender, I have worked alongside Ben McLaughlin for 11 years and have had many opportunities to appreciate his skills, both as an attorney and as a carefully reasoned human being.

I know what we need in a Judge, a combination of fairness, impartiality, wisdom, maturity and temperament. Ben McLaughlin is the whole package. Our community will be well served with this man as our next Judge.

Please join me in voting for Ben McLaughlin!

Luke Brownfield, Fieldbrook


I am very excited to endorse Ben McLaughlin for superior court judge.

Ben has significant ties to the community in Humboldt County, having worked for both the Humboldt County District Attorney and Public Defender offices. That experience of advocating on both sides of a criminal case gives him a unique perspective that our local bench could benefit from. As one of the most experienced attorneys in the Public Defender's Office, Ben generously offered his time to serve as a mentor to me when I was newly licensed to practice law.

What I appreciate about Ben as an attorney and a mentor is that he is intellectually curious, and never hesitates to reach for the penal code or the evidence code to help solve a complex problem. What we need are judges who understand the law and approach the work with compassion and lived experience, as Ben does.

Rosemary Deck, Eureka


I am honored to support Ben McLaughlin for Judge. I first met Ben in the halls of the Humboldt County Courthouse. I was struck by his dedication to the clients and his willingness to collaborate with all parties in the criminal legal system.

Ben is always eager to help, whether it is assisting colleagues with coverage or being a sounding board for various legal issues. Ben has a vast range of experience as an attorney. Ben has conducted countless trials as a district attorney and a public defender. I know I can always trust Ben's advice and guidance. Additionally, I have witnessed Ben volunteering his time mentoring new attorneys at the Public Defender's Office. Ben has the experience and temperament I trust in a judge. This is why I will be voting for Ben McLaughlin for judge.

April Van Dyke, Eureka

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