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'The Big Show'



Wow, the Big Show is coming to town! What am I talking about? We're all going to find out how non-elected DOJ bureaucrats with their more-than-willing media accomplices attempted the largest political corruption coup in the history of our country. A coup to at first destroy Trump the candidate in order for Hillary (talk about Russian collusion) to win and, after she lost, released an unsuccessful "insurance policy" that was created to destroy Trump as president ("The Case for Impeachment," June 13).

It's got it all, from how the elite believe themselves above the law and unaccountable to the two-plus years of Mueller's investigation that found Trump clean. We'll find out how and, much more important, why the Mueller investigation was started at all. We'll see how Obama's politicized intelligence communities (FBI, CIA, NSA), the "Deep State," foreign intelligence and, of course, our trustworthy press were involved. For all the uninformed who called Trump a traitor (which has now morphed into "white nationalist/racist") and those who only get their news from sources of the Main Stream Media, you'll see what should have been uncovered long ago if we had a working skeptical, unbiased, balanced news media.

As in the Kavanaugh disgrace, then the Covington kids, then the Mueller Report, our news media has been shown to be inaccurate, biased and with a true lack of professionalism. Be acutely aware of how the media willingly participated in this coup by planting uncorroborated 'bombshell' stories that the FBI Illegally leaked to them. All fake news that went nowhere but hurt our country immensely. People will see the truth finally. Thanks to the true journalists like Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, the Federalist's Margot Hemingway, The Hill's John Solomon, WSJ's Kim Strassel, Sen. Graham and Congressman Nunes for their solid work to get this historically important story out.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

Editor's note: Contrary to Rick Brennan's claim that the Mueller Report "found Trump clean," the report itself makes clear and Robert Mueller subsequently testified that the investigation did not exonerate the president.

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