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The 'Daydream is Over'



The Women's March is conflicted by difficulties among the organizers ("Overhwelmingly White," Jan. 10). Anyone deeply involved with any social or political movement has seen the internal competitiveness. I doubt organizers of this march were racists. 

Competition is always to force power relations. Competition is part of the deep sickness of Western culture and it has roots nurtured by our religions. For example, it draws energy from the doctrine of original sin that imprints us with guilt about sex. 

Sex guilt is a defining standard of the middle class because it is protective of nuclear families. Think of the crusades of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, among others. Nearly all folks who opt for family life subscribe to middle-class values.

Clarisse Herrenschmidt noted that the printing presses have duplicated time. Thanks to that, we are still living out ancient desert mores that are destroying the planet through such vectors as competition and conformity. To correct them, will mean living in the now, rather than acting out unresolved frustrations and fears preserved by cultural institutions.

Unlike the Zulus of South Africa, the Native Americans were unprepared for the stochastic event of European invasion, so less of their phenotype survived. I am astounded how the right and equally the left in this country are not preparing for the enormous social changes coming our way with the stochastic event of climate change.

Some folks are coming to the opinion this is the end of humanity. Well, opinions then are pretty useless, aren't they? So, too, are your science and your holy book. Think ahead to big positive changes, please, and begin them. Get the garbage out of your internal back room. The middle class daydream is over. 

Robert Sutherland, Ettersburg

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