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'This is Important'



Thank you for reporting on the wind energy project and looming sea-level rise around Humboldt Bay (Mailbox, July 11 and "'Ground Zero,'" Aug. 15). Scientists report that we have, at most, 12 years to cut fossil fuel combustion in half or else the climate crisis becomes an all-out catastrophe for literally millions of people — and that's only in the short run. So I ask myself, "What can I do?"

Younger generations are leading the Global Climate Strike. Youth planetwide are calling on us to sustain a climate call, Sept. 20 through 27, to demand that political leaders end business as usual and act now for climate justice. Humboldt youth are leading a climate strike rally on the Arcata Plaza on Friday, Sept. 20, at noon. And 350 Humboldt is sponsoring a sister event from 3 to 7 p.m. at the county courthouse in Eureka.

Youth are telling us, "Our house is on fire — let's act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone." I will join them. I pledge to act to help reduce the power of the fossil fuel industry, which continues to aggressively obstruct progress for clean energy, new jobs, a sustainable economy and climate justice.

 Please join me. During this Week for Future, change your behavior. Reduce your carbon footprint: Join the #climatestrike. Take the bus, walk, carpool (e.g. Zimride). Bike to the North Country Fair and use the bike valet. Join Zagster Bikeshare. Learn about climate change. Don't buy plastic. Call or write your representatives. Leave off the lights, the dryer and the stove. Do vegetarian or vegan meals. Do anything to help! No more business as usual. No more driving as usual. This is important. This is for everyone.

Oona Smith, Arcata

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