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'To God's Ear'



Many thanks for Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's superb "A Friendship, Vaccination and Worry" column in the July 15 NCJ. When geriatrics like me were suddenly offered the vaccine back in late January, hundreds of us lined up in the dark, cold Mad River Community Hospital parking lot. A nurse announced: "We think we should have enough for everyone." Biden had just been elected. We were going to be OK. 

Seven months later, we are teetering on a terrifying precipice. We could be remembered as the generation that had enough vaccine to stop a pandemic — if we had been vaccinated.

Last week an old friend invited my family to visit her home in Kauai. When I asked if she had been vaccinated, she became indignant: "Do you realize that two people died from that vaccine?" I pointed out that more than 4 million people have died from COVID-19, so far. So much for the Kauai trip.

Yes, we need perseverance, compassion and eventually a "ripple effect." From your mouth to God's ear, Ms. Cahill, because while we finesse the debate, the virus is mutating. 

Gordon Inkeles, Bayside

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