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To the Trolls: 'Get Over It'



You know who you are — those who have no fear of the Deadly Invader of our country and the world — coronavirus/COVID-19.

Against the best advice of medical professionals all over the world, you refuse to wear masks and practice social/physical distancing, thereby putting yourself and others in danger of contracting the deadly disease.

You say you have the right to avoid practicing these guidelines and maybe you do, but you don't have the right to go around, potentially infecting others and possibly killing them, if you are unwittingly infectious because you have the asymptomatic version of the plague, with no overt signs.

No one likes what's going on — the hot and bothersome masks, the distancing, the shuttering of businesses, the isolating of the social animal that is Homo sapiens, but most are putting up with it, for the sake of humanity.

And, who knows, maybe you who object to the above, are really trying to commit suicide by virus. I can, however, assure you there are easier ways to go about it, while not murdering those about you.

As to the trolls, who have been dissing and even threatening our County Health Officer Teresa Frankovich, get over it.

While you Adam Henrys (ask a cop) have been proceeding with your heinous activities, she has been busy, trying to save your behinds with the best available knowledge. GIVE HER A BREAK!!

Bruce Slocum, Ferndale

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