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'Too Great to Hate'



I feel so grateful to live in a place where attempts to recruit our young people to the side of hatred is not tolerated ("EPD Identifies Juvenile Responsible for Hate Group Fliers, Says no Immediate Threat of Violence," posted July 11).

While it may have been shocking to many people to read about the flier that was posted in Henderson Center, I hope it was equally heartening to witness our community, including our elected officials and law enforcement officers, respond swiftly and appropriately. I was also grateful to read that the teenage boy who placed the flier has already been identified and is being connected with resources that might help him address some of the issues that led him to make this decision. It sounds as though his family cares about him very much and I hope he knows that the rest of his community in Eureka also wants him to be well. Eureka is too great to hate.

Linda Stansberry, Eureka

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