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Too Small



The good people of Arcata who live out on the bottoms are upset about a big dope grow being proposed by Sun Valley bulb farm ("Going Big," March 18). I don't really blame them but there are bigger factors at play here. I believe that the most important item is the quality of our watersheds and also the health of the wildlife in the hills, and dope growing up there is bad for both. There just should not be agriculture of any kind on timber land.

How do we drive the growers out of the hills? We can't do it with the law, the former sheriff announced that a long time ago. The only way to get rid of them is to drive the price of weed down to the point where individual, small grows in the hills are uneconomical, and that will only happen when dope is grown in large fields on flat agricultural land. Exactly what is being proposed.

Is there a problem with the proposed grow on the Arcata bottoms? Yes, there is — it is not large enough.

David Callow, Glendale

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