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'Truly Immeasurable'



Sara Bareilles and the city of Eureka gave a precious, priceless gift to our community ("Unbelievable," Oct. 20).

Behind-the scenes and literal nuts, bolts, wiring, security, ticketing, set-up and clean-up is beyond imagination.

What is truly immeasurable, is how Sara's positive-energy, music and superlative talent reached the core of people, families and community. It is far-reaching and will seep into business, schools, government and our daily lives. We might not be able to see or measure the benefit, but it will be there rippling out for a very long time. Listen for her voice.

Julie Fulkerson, Eureka


I was one of the fortunate locals to attend the wildly successful Sara Bareilles concert on Oct. 16. What a fun, family-friendly event under the warm sunny skies on our beautiful bay. Her music is inspirational and positive, and the crowd responded in kind. It was so much fun to be part of an event that celebrates life, love and compassion right in our hometown. As a grandfather of young girls and women, I could see the impact on crowds of the girls and women in our community. Seeing a local girl achieve the success and ambition she has will give strength and confidence to this next generation and we all benefit from that.

Congratulations and thanks to the Eureka City Council and staff that pulled off one of the most memorable events ever held on the beautiful Halvorsen Park on Waterfront Drive. The logistics and preparation for an event of this size is no small undertaking and the outcome was an enormous success. An especially big shout-out goes to Mayor Susan Seaman for "making a call" and getting this wonderful project going. We can only hope that this is the first of such concerts that will build on the reputation of Eureka as a place that cherishes peace, art and culture.

Rick Littlefield, Eureka

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