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'Unnecessary and Wrong'



So counties and health officials are again thinking about requiring all people to wear masks regardless of vaccination status (A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated," July 22). This is an unnecessary and wrong idea, because virtually every COVID death and hospitalization occurs in the unvaccinated. The numbers in your article bear this out: no deaths among the fully vaccinated, and only two of 222 hospitalizations!

A better approach is to stop coddling the anti-vaxxers! If you refuse to be vaccinated, then you face the consequences. But don't expect those of us who did the right thing personally and socially by getting vaccinated to cover for you. Our reward should be to live mask-free — and it can be your reward, too.

As for those who can't be vaccinated yet — like children under 12 — they can and should wear masks. Those whose health is compromised even after getting jabbed, by all means mask up. Those of you are vaccinated but fear the newest mutation, feel free to wear a mask.

But leave the rest of us alone!

Richard Sanborn, Bayside

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