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Unvaccinated House Calls



When the tech from Suddenlink appeared at our front door, masked, I put on my mask and welcomed him in. I led him through the front room, down the hall, and into the room with the desk and Wi-Fi equipment.

A few minutes later, I asked if he had been vaccinated (Mailbox, Aug. 26). He said, "No." It then occurred to me that I should have asked before admitting him. I hope that, had my great grandchildren been in the house, I would have been more careful.

As he was leaving, I followed him outside. "May I ask you what made you choose not to be vaccinated?" He shrugged and said, "It's not for me."

I regret that I, speechless, didn't plead with him to, first, let people know that he hasn't been vaccinated before entering their homes and, second, avoid entering a house where children are present. (Current rates of hospitalizations and deaths among young children are very alarming.)

No business should be sending unvaccinated employees into the interior spaces of people's homes, especially into the presence of children or others who have not been vaccinated.

Chip Sharpe, Bayside

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