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Upcycle to Remove McKinley



The marijuana industry is changing, the snow in the mountains is melting and equipment is rusting, some of it never to be used again.

Rather than littering the mountainside, why not donate this equipment to a good cause?

The Art of Removing Art is a DreamMaker program of The Ink People Center for the Arts. The goals of this project are threefold: First, to raise the $65,000 required to remove the statue of McKinley from the Arcata Plaza ("Arcata Sets Meeting on McKinley's Removal," posted online April 6); second, to research the phenomena of racist and otherwise offensive public art being removed from cities around the country during the past two years, with the aim of writing a "how-to" book for community activists and local officials; and third, to take other actions aimed at reducing or eliminating racism.

While everyone tightly regulates their time and money, many people have an over-abundance of stuff (think of all the storage facilities in Humboldt County), no-longer-needed equipment on farms and homesteads in the mountains and, in town, stuff in your garage, in your yard, etc. And let's not forget about that old pickup truck or car that you no longer use.

Give your old stuff a new purpose in life – making the world a better place for everyone to thrive. To donate, please contact Fhyre Phoenix at [email protected].

Fhyre Phoenix, McKinleyville

Editor's note: This letter was updated from the version that appeared in print to correct Fhyre Phoenix's town of residence. The Journal regrets the error.


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