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'Upside Down'

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Eighty-year-olds in Humboldt who want a COVID-19 test are out of luck, I hear — unless they already have COVID symptoms ("In the Lab," Dec. 3). And even then they'll wait three days or more for results. Test materials are scarce. Then I read that a college basketball team is being tested eight or nine times a week! (What are the pros — and the NFL — getting?) This seems an upside down set of priorities, akin to keeping bars and restaurants open while closing schools.

This inversion of values makes me suspicious of the fine words about distributing the vaccines. Shots go first to the frontline health workers, then promptly to the vulnerable old folks. If you believe that, you can believe that the earth is flat and Donald Trump won the election. Your old grandma wants to get vaccinated? Tell her to take her place at the end of the line. Behind all those 7-foot basketball players.

John Petersen, McKinleyville


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