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'Victim' Blaming



In the third year of a pandemic that has killed more than 900,000 Americans, Adrienne Floreen ("As a Victim...," Feb. 3) provides some much-needed comic relief with a remarkable joke: She is offended that we expect her to vaccinate! She's a victim! 

One suggestion, Ms. Floreen: if you and your boyfriend should find yourselves in the ER gasping for breath while begging for a vaccine that can no longer help — maybe skip this joke. Our medical professionals seem to have lost their sense of humor. 

Gordon Inkeles, Bayside


I read where one of your stalwart readers objected to the term "unboosted" (Mailbox, Feb. 3). I would suggest pre-boosted, but that implies consideration of. That seems unlikely given the diatribe. Non boosted? Void of boost? Zippo boost? I'd go with bupkis boost.


John Dillon, Eureka


Regarding the letter "As a Victim" saying "I have endured over a year of harassment" in NCJ (Mailbox, Feb. 3). I hear this a lot from the vaccine hesitant, but one thing they never consider is the people around them and the health care workers put at risk. Fact: The unvaccinated have the 15-fold increased risk of serious illness compared to the fully vaccinated (https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#rates-by-vaccine-status). So have the grace to be considerate of your neighbors, especially those with compromised immune systems and our health care heroes who care for the seriously ill COVID-19 patients, who are mostly unvaccinated.

Dennis Whitcomb, Blue Lake

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