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It happened over 3,400 times last year in the communities of McKinleyville, Manila, Samoa, Bayside and Arcata. It will happen even more times this year. That is, a call for first response to residential and commercial building fires, medical emergencies, flooding, hazard material spills and car accidents.

Twice the number since 2006, when Arcata Fire District last received an increase in financial support. The district has provided you with emergency response for 76 years by staffing the Arcata, McKinleyville and Mad River stations. The district's highly trained emergency service first responders have, without hesitation, been there to help when we needed them. But the cost of providing response has far outpaced available funding.

This summer we reach the breaking point and services will be curtailed and one of the three fire stations will close. The ask is simple: Support the passage of Measure R on the March ballot.

David Rosen, Bayside


I want to thank Cliff Berkowitz for running for First District supervisor. I first became acquainted with Cliff through his work with KHUM radio. He has been involved with our community and has been a champion for many local causes for more than 25 years.

During the power outages he was a lifeline to my family and many in the community. The announcements he made on KHUM helped us stay connected to what was happening. We heard updates on where we could buy gas, get a generator, which grocery stores were open, etc.

I know Cliff is concerned with climate change and our rising sea levels. He cares about our land and water and preserving the resources that make Humboldt County desirable. Cliff is a strong proponent of our trail systems. And Cliff will work hard for us to create jobs and housing.

This is his website: www.cliff4supervisor.com 

Thank you, Cliff!!

Carrie Foster, Kneeland


I see the yard signs for District 1 supervisors race are making an appearance and, once again, the baseballs are out. It's well-known that Rex Bohn likes to play ball and we should remember who he likes to play ball with. 1) the Calpine LNG project. Strike one. 2) the east-west coal train proposal. Strike two. 3) Terra-Gen wind factory. Strike three.

These big out of town extractive industries have all been rejected by the Humboldt citizenry and for good reason. And remember Rex's comment about Mexicans stealing hubcaps? Foul ball! Hit a home run with Cliff Berkowitz! He has a long history of community organizing with a vision of Humboldt based on respect for our neighbors and our environment. He deserves your vote.

Howard Russell, Eureka

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