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I am more concerned than ever that people realize they can change the electoral system nationally. There is a strategic approach for Electoral College opponents. It is to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. In essence, it asks states to bind their electors to the winner of the national popular vote, not to their own results.

Fifteen states and Washington, D.C., with combined 196 electoral votes, have adopted the compact. This can actually take power when states with a combined total of 270 electoral votes sign on.

Two-hundred-and-seventy electoral votes is the minimum needed to secure presidency.

The League of Women Voters, NAACP, Common Cause and other National Advocacy groups back this. Perhaps it is time to have this conversation?

Ginni Hassrick, Bayside


Since the Terra-Gen fiasco, is there really any doubt in anyone's mind?

At a time when we urgently need great decision-making, here we are stuck with an incumbent in District One who is obviously not on the same page as the people in Humboldt County and is going about wheeling and dealing on his own. This whole episode has made me question whether the incumbent was working for Humboldt County — or for himself.

I believe we should get rid of the incumbent and elect Cliff Berkowitz for District One supervisor. Cliff is well-known for his service to Humboldt County. Additionally, he understands the many issues that we face here, and has solid answers. Cliff Berkowitz won't let us down the way the incumbent has.

Rick Pelren, Fortuna


We have a huge opportunity in March to change the direction of our county government for the better with Cliff Berkowitz running for First District supervisor. I've known Cliff a long time; he is community-minded, willing to work for real change and is thinking about the whole community, not just a few special interests. He has always worked hard for the good of all in Humboldt.

This is a real sea change opportunity for Humboldt County. The supervisors work for all of us countywide, not just their districts. If you're not in his district, there are many options for support: contribute money, post a campaign sign, spread the word to friends and family or go door-to-door in his district. If you live in his district, by all means, vote for him! This could be a close race, and Cliff needs our help. Start here to support Cliff for Supervisor: www.cliff4supervisor.com.

Mark Cortright, McKinleyville


Cliff Berkowitz has proven in multiple ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the next District One Supervisor. 

Cliff's leadership and efficacy are evidenced by the national Stop the Violence Campaign and the Start the Healing breakfasts, which he started. His community support ranges from Food for People and North Coast Stand Down to the Discovery Museum and Kinetic Grand Championship. His environmental ethos shows in his years of advocacy for Humboldt County trails. During our recent PSPS outages, Cliff was clear and calm while providing much needed information. He is a communication educator and a consensus builder, and an entrepreneur with years of managerial experience.

Cliff represents a clear, positive direction for Humboldt County. Please visit www.Cliff4Supervisor.com and join me in voting for Cliff Berkowitz for First District supervisor on March 3.

Kemset Kuntzman Moore, Eureka

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