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What comes first: a healthy watershed and water supply, or profits for developers?

The current Humboldt Community Services District board consists primarily of contractors, realtors and others who stand to profit from development. We need members who'll speak for rate payers and healthy watersheds, not developers.

Julie Ryan is one of those speakers.

Julie prioritizes safe, efficient water and sewer systems. She knows this is best achieved by protecting the watershed, using scientific data and methods.

Julie also hopes to explore other services that HCSD might provide, such as parks and recreation opportunities.

Julie will guide the board toward planning for climate change, preparing for emergencies, and ensuring safe water service for future generations.

Julie has been endorsed by the Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council, and is the only Democrat/Progressive running for HCSD. 

Who's the best first choice for the HCSD board this November? Julie Ryan.

Claire Josefine, Eureka


Juan Pablo Cervantes is my clear choice for county clerk, recorder and registrar of voters. He is smart and experienced in successfully managing the elections division, which is by far the most complex of the divisions overseen by this position. If his experience isn't enough, check out his endorsements. Those that understand the intricacies of this position are endorsing Juan. 

Please join me and others in supporting Juan Pablo's candidacy to ensure the continued accuracy, transparency and credibility of our elections.

Karen Suiker, Eureka


I'm voting for Juan Pablo Cervantes for recorder, registrar of voters because he has experience with the Elections Division, which is a fast-paced and complicated office. As the election approaches, there are software updates; equipment to set up and test; over 125 workers to hire and train; law updates from the California secretary of state; security and election laws to enforce; hundreds of phone calls and walk-in voters; process thousands of registrations and addresses; inventory and mail ballots; audit candidate and proposition donor forms. After the election there are 30 days to certify, tally and review ballots, voter logs, provisional votes, and hand counts, all under severe scrutiny. Afterward, there is packing and filing and inventory.

The Recorder's Office is important but it doesn't prepare you to run a federal election. It is not a job to learn on the fly. I want experience and that is Juan Pablo Cervantes.

Susan Franke, McKinleyville


Kimberley White is one of my all-time Sheroes, which is to say she belongs in the pantheon of women I greatly admire. Kimberley is running for a seat on the Arcata City Council. As a co-coordinator of Comunidad Unida del Norte de Arcata (CUNA), Kimberley has worked tirelessly to empower the Latinx community, students, low-income folks and all Arcatans.

CUNA has done a remarkable job of transforming the Valley West neighborhood into a place where community members can thrive and prosper. Kimberley has been a leader in this effort, and has always stood up for the most vulnerable members of our community. She has used her commitment to participatory democracy to engage, empower and amplify the voices of everyone in our community.

Kimberley has the endorsement of the Humboldt County Progressive Democrats, Humboldt Democratic Central Committee, Humboldt Central Labor Council and Humboldt Healthcare for All.

Please vote for Kimberley White!

Lisa Pelletier, Arcata


Measure M in Arcata is misguided and I urge Arcata residents to vote no. The impartial analysis of Measure M provided by the city attorney states that putting the Earth flag on top would violate two California Statutes (California General Code 436 and Veterans Code 617).

A general law city must follow state laws.

If the proponents want the Earth flag on top, the appropriate procedure is changing state law by statewide initiative. The proponents are well intentioned; however, due diligence was not applied.

The U.S. flag was approved by the Continental Congress in 1777. The tradition of the U.S. flag on top is equally honored in Red and Blue states. What about the ritual of half-staff to honor and provide condolence for the death? Arcata would be the outlier for this image and not in a good way in my view. Vote no on Measure M.

Walt Paniak, Arcata

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