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Vote Brooks!



As a Ward 1 resident and voter, I am casting my vote for Caroline Brooks. Caroline's credentials as a dedicated public servant and involved parent have been well-documented over the past several years. Caroline has canvassed all of Ward 1, knocking on doors and reaching out to many residents in her ward to hear their concerns and offer creative solutions.

Her tireless campaign efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the attainable goals she has articulated through her numerous forums she has attended. Caroline's dedication to professionalism and being a positive voice for Ward 1 won my support. Ward 1 has been forgotten. Caroline is a true advocate for all the residents in Ward 1. She will truly help everyone in Ward 1 who has been forgotten. I wish her the very best on Nov. 6.

Kim Yvonne Trevillion, Eureka


Are you tired of electing politicians that do nothing for Ward 1 and Eureka? Are you tired of false hope and empty promises from our local politicians? If you live in Eureka, do you really want to be overtaxed and underrepresented?

If you want real change in Ward 1 and Eureka, there is no one else to vote for except Caroline Brooks. I have real-world solutions to our problems and there is no magic wand waving. There is no solution I have thought of that is unachievable and none of my ideas immediately go toward increasing taxes.

I am the only long-term resident of Ward 1 so I know what my neighbors need and want. I am just like you. I want a safe place to live and raise children.

Look at Caroline Brooks for city council Ward 1 on Facebook and remember to vote Caroline Brooks Nov. 6!

Caroline Brooks, Eureka


Caroline is your neighbor of 15 years. Caroline has your voice for the long-forgotten Ward 1. Caroline is opposed to any new and redundant tax proposals with little representation. Caroline is tired of criminals and criminal homeless taking away resources from those who truly need them, like folks on their last dime trying to figure out where their next meal will come from and how to catch up on two months past-due rent.

Caroline is tired of enabling drug addiction and the scattering of needles throughout our neighborhoods. Caroline believes all residents deserve equal benefits, whether rich, poor, minority or majority; she will help all equally obtain those benefits.

Lower rent, better roads, less homeless, balanced budget, no new taxes, diversified businesses utilizing a partnership with CR entrepreneur outreach programs, audits of past and current approved expenditures = Vote Caroline Brooks.

John Chaffin, Eureka

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