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Vote Incumbents, Castellano, Seaman!



Influencing a corrupt developer in the White House begins by reining in his base of corrupt developers at home. Using local government to facilitate participation in recurring boom-and-bust housing fraud has caused an epidemic of foreclosures, bankruptcies and homelessness. 

Voters can ensure Eureka continues reversing this legacy in November by electing Leslie Castellano and all Eureka city council incumbents who courageously ended millions of public dollars subsidizing the chamber of commerce while passing a human rights resolution and an apology to Native people amid resurgent racism, misogyny and corruption.

Also, Susan Seaman's financial and public service background is exactly what Eureka needs in replacing a mayor facing investigation by the Department of Justice. Susan worked with the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, the only local financial institution to offer my family a business loan. Thanks to AEDC, Eureka has another business that remains successful for more than 25 years.

George Clark, Eureka

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