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Vote Kanzler, Davenport!



Local services districts are our nearest and most direct form of government — and the most secretive and likely to go wrong. The Humboldt Community Services District has not had an election since 2011. Not one of its five directors was elected to the present term. Nobody runs. They appoint one another.

HCSD provides water and sewer services to nearly 8,000 customers, from Freshwater through Cutten to Fields Landing. Eureka's suburbs — and developers — depend on its services.

Present board members represent construction, real estate and finance. Last year, they enacted a rate increase well over 50 percent. Yet this year residents of Indianola had to fight an HCSD annexation driven by real estate interests.

Two challengers would change this. Pat Kanzler, a nurse, and Desiree Davenport, employed by CalTrans, would represent rate payers and ask hard questions instead of just promoting development. Please give them your vote.

Jerry Martien, Elk River

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