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Vote Seaman!



Susan Seaman, 27-year resident of Eureka, moves projects forward. "Youth, families, community, investment, prosperity" are themes that describe Susan. When she sees a spark of initiative, she keeps the flame burning in our small and large businesses. She knows that good work leads to healthy families and community. Susan sees the connections. What is good for Eureka is good for the region. 

Eureka is at a crossroads, literally and figuratively. The city council and staff work daily to make sure we visit the bay, the architectural richness of the neighborhoods and explore the diversity of the arts.

Susan has experience and connections to lead on this exciting path to greater prosperity and self-confidence. She is the leader to remind us that we will be OK ... not without work but with vision and energy. As mayor, Susan Seaman will be a positive voice. Please vote Seaman for mayor.

Julie Fulkerson, Eureka


Here are a few of the reasons I support Susan Seaman to be mayor of Eureka.

The mayor is the cheerleader. Friends describe Susan as "Eureka's Booster in Chief." She's already doing that job; becoming mayor expands her platform.

The mayor's power to appoint people to the city's commissions — planning, arts and culture, housing, transportation safety and many others — is an underappreciated duty in Eureka. It's big and Susan will ensure that a wide and representative spectrum of people serve and have voices.

It's not often that we can vote for a candidate who is not only the most progressive person in the race but also the most knowledgeable about economic development and the most friendly to small businesses. Susan is all of those things.

I encourage you to vote for Susan Seaman to be mayor.

Michael Kraft, Eureka

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