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Vote Sundberg!



Please encourage your friends and neighbors to re-elect Ryan Sundberg for Fifth District supervisor.

Ryan is a self-made man of good character. As a Yurok Indian, he provides a voice for our native American neighbors who are so under-represented in the state and county it is embarrassing. His experience includes private and public employment, unlike his opponent SunGnome Madrone.

SunGnome has changed his name to Stephen for this election to appear less radical. He represents regressive policies of times past, including special interest spending over community needs, generous benefits to our transient population and increased burdens on job-creating employers. Madrone's policies will increase crime, despair and blight, forcing working families to relocate, replaced by more government employees and NGOs to keep his radical agenda alive and our county a place that your children will move away from. 

Zach Rotwein, Trinidad


When Ryan Sundberg was my auto insurance agent it did not matter what national party he belonged to, only that when I called him to say my car was broken down on Bella Vista Hill and traffic was so bad I could not even step out of my car, he got a tow truck there within 10 minutes. Since he was elected to the (non-partisan) county Board of Supervisors, I have had to call upon him on several occasions and he has always tried to help me with my problems.

I don't care what political party he is in. Most people join the party their parents belong to. I do care if the public official I am speaking to listens to me, seems to care and attempts to help me. That is why I am going to vote for Ryan Sundberg. And this year I will register as a Bull Moose. Party partisanship has divided America and will make us easy pickings for enemies abroad.

Bill Quinn, Trinidad


Ryan Sundberg has my enthusiastic support as Fifth District supervisor! He has jumped into this job with both feet — listened to advice, acted on complaints and has supported the Fifth District wholeheartedly!

He supports children's safety in schools and has been very proactive and effective in his inquiries, support of our community, the educators and our children. He has been in office long enough to have learned how he can be the most effective. Re-electing him now will give our communities more effective representation. Please vote for stability in the next election by voting for Ryan Sundberg for Fifth District supervisor.

Carol Ollivier, McKinleyville


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