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What About JPR?



Recent articles covering discussions between KHSU, Capital Public Radio (Sacramento) and North State Public Radio (Chico) are overlooking the fact that Jefferson Public Radio (JPR - Ashland) also has two local broadcast services in Humboldt County (Mailbox, July 11). JPR provides Classics and News as well as news and information programming, each of which complement the other without duplication.

The KHSU and the occasional NSPR programming at 90.5 FM provide the same shows already available on JPR. Multiple radio stations playing Morning Edition, All Things Considered or the BBC News Hour at the same time does not provide the depth of what public radio has to offer.

The Jefferson Exchange, As It Was, and Nature Notes on JPR include stories and topics that are specific to Humboldt County. Similar programming from either Chico or Sacramento do not provide the same local connection. In determining what programming is selected for KHSU, I hope that unique programming not otherwise available in our listening area will be showcased.

We are fortunate to have several public radio stations serving Humboldt County but hearing the same national programming throughout the day on different frequencies does not enrich our listening experience. There are many quality programs available that are not broadcast here.

I believe in the value of publicly supported radio and remain a sustaining member of both KHSU and JPR. Providing local funding that supports the vast programming choices available through PRX, PRI, American Public Media and NPR is important. The more variety we can bring to Humboldt County, the better.

Stephen Avis, Ferndale

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