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What to Do?



Some people believe (with good reason apparently) that McKinley was the cause of much suffering and death around the globe. Others hold him in high regard.

If he did awful things, that should be remembered, like remembering Auschwitz or Pearl Harbor. If he did good things, those should be remembered, too.

Removing his statue would only serve to erase the memories of whatever it was he did, good or bad, and cost a lot of money. Leaving it as it is would perpetuate a false impression of the man and continue to inflame passions.

So, what to do? I suggest we leave it where it is and add other statues around it that tell the rest of the story. Sculptures, or plaques, could be added to commemorate his good deeds as well as his awful deeds. Why not? Humans are seldom completely good or totally evil.

At least both sides would have their say and maybe create some work for sculptors in the bargain. 

Douglas George, Eureka


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