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'Working Toward Peace'



The entire Democratic party has gone berserk, including Representative Jared Huffman ("In The Wake of Helsinki," July 26). Instead of trying to influence policy on rampant environmental destruction, military expansion, increasing income inequality, effects of drug war, etc., it is expending its entire resources trying to drag down the president. Huffman accuses Trump of treason ("Manchurian candidate") and cowardice ("bowing and scraping" to Putin).

President Trump wants to have peaceful relations with Russia. He said so in his campaign. This position alone made him tremendously popular in Russia.

Russia is tightly encircled by NATO troops. They are in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. They are conducting 106 military exercises on Russia's border this year, with the Anakonda maneuvers including a preemptive strike involving more than 100,00 soldiers. "We will see preparation for a great war," proclaims NATO.

Our missile shield was switched on in 2016. Our refusal to dismantle this was one of the reasons the Reykjavik nuclear peace talks broke down in 1986.

Gorbachev agreed to German reunification after U.S. Secretary of State James Baker made an "iron-clad agreement" not to move NATO "1 inch eastward." That promise was broken in three months.

The Russian election interference issue is hypocrisy and a red herring. It's now obvious that everybody hacks and meddles, ourselves worst of all (the Ukrainian upheaval being a prime example). It is also insulting to our voters.

The indictment of Russia for taking Crimea back is also meddling, as Krushchev's gift of it to Ukraine in 1954 (Krushchev loved Ukraine and spent much of his life there) was questionably legal and has been controversial ever since.

It is Huffman who is "bowing and scraping" to the insane policy decisions of the Democrats. Trump is working toward peace, the most important objective of all.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia


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