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Would You Like a Danish?



The Danish government has scoffed at President Trump's reported interest in buying Greenland. Though we don't have more recent tax information, he lost $1.17 billion in just the years 1985 through 1994. The president obviously isn't the business wizard that has been portrayed. The Danish government may wish to reconsider dismissing out of hand President Trump's interest. With a skilled Copenhagen-based real estate agent, the Danes could likely get top dollar or better.

A breathless letters diatribe, "The Big Show" (Mailbox, Aug. 22), against a host of boogeymen, including the media and by extension, the damned hoopies running the North Coast Journal skew a few facts in defense of our stalwart President. They are certainly entitled to their political opinion ... unlike in Russia. I do suggest that before the letter writer blows a head gasket, they may wish to lower their blood pressure with a tasty Danish pastry. Next best thing to purchasing the world's second biggest island.

John Dillon, Eureka

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