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'X-mas in May'



As always, when I pick up the NCJ I go straight to the letters, and this week the letters were X-mas in May for me (Mailbox, May 25). The three letters were from three of my favorite letter writers.

The first was from the marvelous Ellen Taylor, who always tells it like it is and with unerring accuracy pins the tail on the donkey. When she said "the value  of the American Indigenous philosophy of life," my heart swelled. We so need to learn from a people who have lived on these lands for so long what we must do to save our country. Thank you, Ellen.

Next came the wisdom of Patty Harvey addressing the increasingly critical situation of health care, here and everywhere. Sadly, it is not enough to have one showing of the film she writes about. We need massive change and we need it yesterday. Thank you, Patty.

Last but nowhere in the vicinity of least, the terrific Wendy Ring has done her homework and has, hopefully, shown Michael Winkler how to do his homework in the future. Wendy has not missed a beat and I can only hope everyone in the county has read her letter and been educated. You are wonderful. Wendy, we are so lucky to have you, thank you.

Thank you NCJ for gifting us all with those great letters.

Sylvia De Rooy, Indianola

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