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99 Percent Annoyed




I drove by the once-occupied Occupy Eureka camp in front of the Humboldt County court house today ("Blog Jammin' " Nov. 17), and wondered what the final cost of the camp will be to our cash-strapped city and county. The additional police time to investigate acts of defecation, spotlights atop the courthouse, fencing to keep the campers at bay, and landscaping repair will be, in effect, incurred by the 99 percent. It is my sincere hope that those who felt passionately enough about various injustices to camp out in downtown Eureka will actively work on behalf of the candidates of their choice in the upcoming year and volunteer for the many local nonprofits that serve those in need.

Also, not that I am advocating this sort of thing, but can anyone tell me why the courthouse was occupied and not Security National, the "home" of what I presume is Humboldt's only 1 percenter?

August Deshais, Eureka

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