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A Familial Vote



The Journal article titled "Race Day" (July 30) caught my attention. I live about a mile and a half from the Redwood Acres raceway. Whenever there is racing, the noise is unbearable, even at this distance. They seem to race continuously for hours and the tension this causes chases us from our usually tranquil back yard in an attempt to shield ourselves from the grating and obnoxious din. The poor people who live closer must have to simply leave their homes to get relief. It is unfortunate that the writer of this article did not bother to interview any of the neighbors before writing such a one-sided glorification of a very controversial and, at best, questionable community activity.

 At one point he quotes a comment made about a driver who has wrecked as an idiot and the next sentence claims that this activity engenders "familial conviviality." I am from a different kind of family and we do not consider the sexism, the macho power displays and the mean-spirited bullying comments as a form of familial conviviality. When the only female participant is required to display more prowess than the males involved in order to qualify for their respect, there is something wrong.

 It is clear that the writer is doing his best to support an activity that has been going on for decades as if that alone is reason for its continuance. Fortunately times change and many harmful behaviors are being removed from our society as a result of accepting what we know now, instead of ignoring what we know now.

 Without its permission, the community that is not in the stands, the larger community, that does not want the noise pollution from Race Day penetrating its environment, is being violated. This part of the community deserves to be safe from this consumptive and invasive event. I support a vote to see what support there is for Race Day. All in favor write a letter. All opposed write a letter.

 Michael Tout, Eureka

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