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A Faulty Hypothesis



Barry Evans article "Candelabra Trees" (Oct. 13) was much appreciated, although I would like to put forth an alternative hypothesis as to the trees' origin.

In his article, Evans quotes an explanation from the Save the Redwoods/Shady Dell web page in which Emily Burns suggests the trees were the result of strong winds and salty air, being near the coast. I am skeptical of the explanation that strong winds should effect trees on the ridges more than down by the coast. I would suggest that seismic shaking is the cause, for the trees are very near the northern end of the San Andreas fault.

There is a group of redwood trees by Fort Ross that survived several earthquakes that occurred along the San Andreas fault, all with broken tops. Seismic shaking tends to break the tops out of the tall trees, whereas storms tend to blow whole trees over, in my opinion. Just a thought, maybe the 1906 quake, which shook that region violently, is the cause, not storms.

Bob McPherson, Bayside

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