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A History of Violence




In regards to the subversion of federal efforts to kill a Native American culture ("Tales of Subversion," July 14), this is the story of many in our history. Over and over again people have been subjected to persecution and attempts to change this nation's character into the puritanical vision of the 1600s.

Native Americans have been subjected to "the only good injun is a dead injun" mentality. The Irish had to overcome prejudice during the building of the Eire Canal and other areas. The Chinese and Japanese suffered from the days of the 49ers and especially during WWII concentration camps. African Americans still have problems with racism, even if they have come a long way. Hispanics are still spoken against because of our immigration issues. Minority religions have suffered prejudice from the mainstream. Jews have been subjected to prejudice, as Islam is now.

The same mentality has been involved in trying to keep women under, not allowing them the freedom to decide abortion issues. This same mentality has proclaimed that because the LGBT community has asked to be free to live in our community and to marry, this nation is immoral and will fall.

How dare they? Our nation has not acted like a so-called Christian nation should. Trying to get everyone in the same mold is not only contrary to the ideal we have worked toward, it is against the grace of God. I would not expect Jesus Christ to have condoned such nonsense.

As a nation we have come a long way. It is good for us to hear these types of stories as it gives us a better perspective on our history. We all need to continue to overcome prejudice.

Ted Adams, Arcata


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