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A Letter of Appreciation



I have yet to agree with John Bennett's movie reviews and I rely on his critiques to make sure I see those films that he does not recommend as I generally enjoy them with great enthusiasm. His last two reviews are classic examples ("Deep Down," Nov. 19). The 33 is a very well-directed film with excellent production values, some gorgeous scenery, character development and a real sense of the emotional tension that ensued from the ordeal. It was basically a documentary in a Hollywood format and I applaud the director, Patricia Riggen, for her tireless research and efforts in bringing this very real story into the hearts of the public.

Love The Coopers was a blast based on all of our dysfunctional family dynamics and while it may have been a bit formulaic, it was laugh-out-loud funny in several scenes and the characters were people we could all easily relate to. Another film I enjoyed very much.

So, it seems that the movies John loves I can easily pass on and the ones he pans, I'm happy to have seen. At least he's reliable!

Rita Carole, Arcata

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