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Thank you for your article on gaming stores in Humboldt ("House of Cards," Aug. 7). An important point on the gaming community and stores are the folks who own/operate and educate the players, especially the young ones. They have great influence.

I wanted to give my appreciation for Jesse Williams of Lost Coast Wizards who has taken to helping my 9-year-old daughter develop her deck and skills. He is a kind, patient and very knowledgeable teacher as well as resourceful owner/operator. He does everything he can to encourage her own abilities as Magic: the Gathering is a complex game and involves creative thinking and an intense memory.

My daughter has basically learned to really love reading and learning from Magic. Building a good deck with Jesse at Lost Coast Wizards is a fantastic experience. I only hope the other stores and owners recognize what the game is really about: fun, creativity and community.

Angela Haas, Arcata


Lost Coast Wizards, NuGames and Sports Cards & More have co-written this response to the Magic: the Gathering Community. We feel that we were unfairly represented by "House of Cards" in the Journal's Aug. 7 edition.

We are all here to serve the growing Magic community of Humboldt County and do so in our unique ways. Each player approaches the game in a different way. We all facilitate a different element of those needs, and as such we believe we can coexist — the rift which was described in "House of Cards" is not and has never been an actual one.

Our ultimate goal is to support the community. As the community grows it will support us. In such a small region cooperation, not enmity, is the only way to build and maintain a healthy community, and we pledge to work towards such unity.

Bill Feist (owner of Sports Cards & More in Eureka), Jesse Williams (owner of Lost Coast Wizards in Arcata) and Laura Montagna (owner of NuGames)


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