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A Miracle



It's hard for me to think about Csilla Adam ("Violence Foreshadowed," March 26) without thinking about women who didn't make it — of Danielle Nemetz of McKinleyville, of Sandy, Shelby and Shasta Miller, of all those being victimized right now, of all the agony endured by survivors of domestic violence, the rip in the fabric of our community every time we lose a man, woman, child, or animal to this horror.

But in the midst of our dismay and the sickening in our souls, we must strive to emulate survivors of domestic and sexual violence who somehow find the courage to protect their children, and to fight for their rights. In the midst of their own pain, they reach out to their friends, their families, their religious leaders, their colleagues, and to our crisis lines and shelters. They call 911; they file for restraining orders; they testify in court.

But what response will they get? Will they be met with ignorance, denial, hostility? Will they reach out to organizations that desperately want to help, but don't have the money or the people power to help all who need it? Will they encounter people in agencies who know how to help them, or will they find professionals with no training or knowledge about domestic violence?

Csilla Adam's survival is a miracle.

Now we need another miracle. We need her survival to inspire the entire community to rise up and drag domestic violence from the shadows into the public arena. We need a collective will to educate ourselves and others, to support our advocates, to raise money for our hotlines and shelters.

It will not be easy. But I love Humboldt, I believe in our community capacity and I know it can be done.

Susan G. S. McGee, Eureka

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