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Similar to the Victorian building John Fullerton's office is located in, John himself is bringing to the table an antiquated approach to Eureka's issues. At John Fullerton's launch party, Rex Bohn and Eureka Mayor Frank Jager were on hand to chide Austin Allison for his attempts: calling him a rookie and dissuading young advocates from getting involved in our political process. 

I, for one, believe strongly that Austin Allison can bring to the table a fresh perspective. He was on the front line for the fight for fair wages at St. Joseph Hospital. Austin's commitment to this community has already been seen first-hand. With his support from the North Coast People's Alliance, and people like myself, we can be the change we want to see. 

Tiva M. Insolo, Eureka


It's never been clearer, on either a national or a local level, that the people are ready for change. Our old ways of doing business aren't cutting it, and we need fresh ideas to move forward as a more just and equitable society.

John Fullerton represents an antiquated and outdated philosophy – one that thinks it's just hunky-dory to go along with the 1 percent continuing to get richer and make all the decisions, on the backs of the hard work of the 99 percent. He's extremely conservative and a former chair of the Republican Central Committee. Fullerton's been publicly quoted as thinking that the recommendation of our local Human Rights Commission to offer an option for legally recognized same-sex domestic partnerships was "unthinkable."

What's unthinkable to me is the idea that we would elect this kind of person as a leader of our city. Austin Allison will be getting my vote this Nov. 8. www.VoteAustinEureka.org.

Allen McCloskey, Eureka


Our county and city leadership has too often been dominated by hand-picked, corporate-friendly candidates. Their vote for big business interests perpetuates the cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It is time for our elected leaders to act to protect the rights of the working people and the environment, which provides us life. 

It's time for a fresh voice rising up from a new generation of Eureka residents and representing all the people who understand that the old ways of doing business are not working and won't serve the people or the planet moving into the future.

Eureka City Council candidate Austin Allison is that voice. Austin understands that we need government that works for everyone, not just a select few. Austin is courteous, open, realistic and innovative. As a homeowner in Eureka, I feel confident Austin will work hard to keep Eureka improving by representing, protecting and lifting up working class individuals and promoting small, local businesses.

Please vote for Austin Allison this Nov. 8!

Joan Dixon, Bayside


Austin Allison, candidate for Eureka City Council, understands the needs of working people and small businesses in our community, and he will fight to defend our best interests. Austin's genuine enthusiasm and unique perspective will bring practical new ideas and refreshing energy to the Eureka City Council.

As you can probably guess, his opponent has a substantial financial advantage. With support from big business and the 1-percenters, he will certainly outspend Austin. But Austin has a different advantage — he's a caring, compassionate and capable person who truly wants to serve and represent the people. Please join me in supporting Austin's campaign by volunteering, donating, and/or displaying a sign in your yard.

With our support, Austin can win this city council seat and prove that our local government is not owned by a select few, but that it can truly work for all of us if we stand together.

Samuel Flory Silbory, Eureka

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