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Addiction Aches

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I feel like Linda Stansberry just read my mind ("What We Talk About When We Talk About Meth," Jan. 30). I was just talking to my husband about addictions, whether it be to meth, painkillers, alcohol, even cigarettes, and what it does to your brain chemistry.

I'm a first time college student at age 33. As I drive through Eureka every morning, to CR, my heart literally aches. The amount of people that scurry around the streets, either high and having conversations with themselves or the ones that look like they are in so much pain they could die right there in that spot, is astonishing.

This horrific epidemic has me scared for everyone I know! It seems to sneak into your life one way or another. Whether it be a family member, a friend, the nice guy that checks you out at the grocery store, everyone knows someone that addiction has taken. I was considering taking the addiction studies classes at CR. Reading this article and its timing into my life is my proof that I'm supposed to. Thank you so much for this article. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, some more than others.

Bridget Winkler, Fieldbrook


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