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An 'Obvious' Crisis



Regarding "Away from the Rain" (Oct. 25), there's a fairy tale about an old woman who, while baking, is asked by a beggar for a cake. The one she's baking is too big to give away so she starts a smaller one. But every time, the cake grows too big for her to part with it.

She finally turns the beggar away with nothing.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is like that old woman. With everybody and his grandmother making oven-fulls of money in the marijuana business and with winter coming on, it doles out tiny cakes to our less fortunate but numerous (top-five per capita nationwide) population of people without homes. Tiny cakes to small numbers of homeless people who will submit to the rules imposed on them to get away from the rain temporarily.

That there is a shelter crisis has been obvious for several years. Many of the patients at our clinic live in their cars, inject their insulin in their cars, use their back seats as a bathroom, spend sleepless nights finding a place to park where they won't be found by the police.

Or shiver on rafts in concealed ditches while their beloved dogs stand belly deep in water.

Whether or not they use drugs is completely irrelevant. That's a different fairytale: it's Andersen's Little Match Girl.

Considering that homeless people live shorter lives than the rest of us by 25 years, we are getting perilously close to Duterte's method of solving the homeless problem in the Philippines. Urge the BOS to change its stingy ways at its Nov. 7 meeting and declare a crisis.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

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