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I agree with Judy Hodgson's "Bully Pulpit" that Assemblyman Jared Huffman will be one of the two contenders in November. I also believe that Jared is the right person to send to Congress as our representative. Given the complexity of issues and congressional polarity, Jared brings experience and sound judgment to the table along with the necessary skills and confidence to work with Congress in a positive mode. The budget constraints and the current political atmosphere in Washington, D.C., require a seasoned and effective communicator to deal with the issues of economics, education, health care and environment, all of which are ?critical nationally and locally.

Jared has demonstrated his abilities to work with a wide range of political interests to achieve a mutual goal. We need political leaders who have the vision for what is needed to insure equity in the wide range of societal needs, but also who have a clear vision for the future in terms of the natural resources for the country and specifically Northern California. Rather than rolling my eyes at the idea of the Journal making endorsements, I for one think it is a good tradition that ?should be continued as it shows a strong local involvement and offers another opinion that can be taken into account as we all decide how to cast our votes.

Bob Gearheart, Arcata



In response to this week's "Bully Pulpit" as someone "other than Jared Huffman," thank you for the opportunity to give your readers a look at my race and my perspective for Congress.

As a fourth generation descendent of a North Coast ranching family, my commitment to the area is unmatched. I pledge to not only open an office here, but to establish a residence in the northern part of the district as well.

As a county supervisor, women's health nurse practitioner, educator, mother and grandmother, I bring a distinctive perspective to problems facing our region. My record of balancing county budgets and finding creative solutions to tough problems is an open book. I strongly support Medicare for all.

As a county supervisor, I spearheaded a county health and wellness campus, using tobacco settlement funds, which provides 100,000 annual patients visits; developed a non-violent mentally ill offenders program which reduced the recidivism by 85 percent and psych emergency visits by 55 percent and emptied jail beds; created veteran housing and supportive service programs, rural transportation programs and accessed federal funding for building non-motorized pathways; worked for real pension reform while respecting the needs of working families and brought a longstanding feud between a quarry and nearby neighborhood to a mutually acceptable resolution. My vote clinched a landmark Clean Energy program, despite intense bullying from PG&E. Today, we are on the road to energy self-sufficiency.  As your congresswoman, I will work for similar programs throughout our district and the nation. I don't just make promises, I deliver the goods.

With your help, I can put my skills and experience to work in Washington, fighting to cut war spending, rebuilding our roads, bridges, schools, and economy -- putting Americans back to work in local sustainable jobs. I will fight to end the Bush tax cuts and close tax loopholes.

I am proud to be a careful steward of taxpayer dollars. I declined the county pension program and will decline a federal pension as well. Join me in working toward a prosperous future for all people.

Please visit SusanAdamsForCongress.com.

I would appreciate your vote June 5!

Susan Adams, San Rafael



Judy seems to be playing coy with the congressional "second spot" in the June election. Since she is saving her bully pulpit for November, I will use mine now.
Susan Adams is clearly the best choice for No. 1, never mind No. 2.

As a member of the board of supervisors in Marin County, Susan declined participation in the county pension program and car allowance, demonstrating her seriousness about sound fiscal policy and what it means to serve your community. At the same time she has racked up many accomplishments.

Susan stood up to PG&E, which pursued an aggressive lobbying effort in a failed attempt to defeat the Marin Energy Authority (MEA). Marin citizens now have access to clean energy under the MEA.

Susan put forward the Marin Health and Wellness Center, an emergency medical corps which assists in times of disaster, and a "therapeutic justice" program that reduced recidivism in Marin's jails by 85 percent and psych emergency visits by 55 percent.

Perhaps most impressively, she brought a longstanding feud between a bayside rock quarry and nearby neighborhoods to a resolution that both sides could live with, enforcing strict environmental regulations, improving the relationship between the quarry and its neighbors and earning the respect and admiration of all parties.

Susan has spent 33 years as a maternity clinical specialist and women's health nurse practitioner. She earned her PhD in nursing, has taught women's health and maternity care, and is an adjunct professor in the Dominican University Graduate Nursing Department.
Importantly as well, having a brother who lives in Carlotta who she visits often, Susan understands the issues affecting Humboldt County.

Some progressives are advocating for an "activist" to represent us in Congress. We don't need an activist. We need a doer. Susan Adams' bona fides, both as a progressive and as someone who can get things done, are demonstrated through her accomplishments.  
To learn more go to susanadamsforcongress.com and see the "Adams Agenda."
Et tu, Judy?

Nan Abrams, Eureka

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