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Arcata Hearts Stallions




The North Coast Journal‘s little joke on the Arcata City Council was a good one (“Pretty War Horses,” July 30). While I appreciate the expectation that people ought to be able to distinguish between fact and farce, I’ve heard that the “article” on the Council’s decision to ban Arcata residents from attending the Lipizzaner show confused and confounded many.

Both Arcata City Hall and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce received multiple calls from people questioning the motives of the Arcata City Council, causing staff to spend time allotted for daily work trying to set straight the record about our (nonexistent) Lipizzaner policy. The next time you run something like this in the paper, please consider the possible ramifications!

On another note, I am amused that it is not out of the question in the minds of people who are familiar with Arcata that the Council would take these types of actions. I hope that with the accomplishment of the goals which the Council and staff are currently pursuing will come more confidence in the practicality of the Council’s actions.

I took my grandchildren to the Lipizzaner Stallions, as Mayor Wheetley did with his children. It is important to maintain a good working relationship with everyone in the greater Humboldt Bay region in order to make our area the best place to work, play and visit.

— Alex Stillman,
Arcata City Councilmember

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