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I was so upset by today's cover that I almost tossed the Journal before reading it ("Suddenly Sexy Assessor," April 22). However, I took a deep breath and forged ahead. I still think your cover is sexist and repulsive but I understand that you have to grab people's attention.

I attended the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee meeting at the Humboldt Area Foundation on April 14. I thought Mari Wilson was professional, forthright and realistic. She didn't seem "weary" to me. Wilson spoke intelligently about the problems in the Assessor's office caused by the limitations of the county budget.

I think we are fortunate that she is willing to continue to offer her considerable abilities to us as we desperately need dedicated public servants unconnected to the old-time power structure in Humboldt County.

Hollie B. Klingel, Eureka



After reading your article "Suddenly Sexy Assessor" I decided to review the Web sites mentioned. I was able to review all of the information on the official assessor's website in less than a minute. 

Then I checked the campaign Web sites. From the links scattered throughout the BrooksForAssessor site, I was easily able to find the Grand Jury report mentioned in your article. A quick glance makes it even easier to see why so many people are supporting Jon Brooks for Assessor. These are people who have been on the inside of county government, who know what's happening, and who know what it takes to fix it: former supervisors, county administrative officers and retired staff appraisers, as well as local licensed appraisers in the private sector. 

Imagine, an elected official with actual qualifications and experience that apply to the office. Brave new world ...

Christopher Mettier, McKinleyville



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