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AT&T Outrage



For the second time we have experienced a loss of cell phone and internet service due to a vandalized fiber optic line ("NCJ Daily," Sept. 10). It seems that AT&T should have taken precautions to ensure that this did not happen again. Rather than invest in these precautions, AT&T remained focused on profit and failed to recognize that the loss of profit from not taking action would be far greater. Not to mention the loss of confidence in AT&T from customers and other companies who depend on AT&T. Corporations are not so great at running things and such incidents occur. Do we really want to hand over functions of government to them as right wing Republicans would have us do?

There should have at the very least been some kind of backup infrastructure in place and tighter security to prevent this from happening again. They have no real idea of who has been doing this because there are no surveillance cameras at these sites. The vandal was able to easily access the fiber optic lines and commit the act and get away. There was no real access control in place to at least make it difficult for the vandal to get in. Some kind of individualized security code should be necessary for access. Perhaps they should also invest in security guards to monitor activity at fiber optic access areas.

The person or persons who vandalized the fiber optic line should be identified and held liable, but AT&T also bears responsibility for this and we should demand that they take actions to insure that this does not happen again. Because AT&T has the influence that money buys, they will not be held accountable and they will not invest in any measures to prevent this from happening again because profits are more important. How many times does this have to happen before AT&T recognizes this and really takes action? How many more times before we stand up and demand action?

Todd Heiler, Ferndale

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