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Banishment Isn't Forever




Your Nov. 1 cover story,  "Banished," reported that Arthur Jones was "ordered to leave the reservation and never come back," which was indeed the position taken by the tribe's lawyer who argued that Mr. Jones' banishment should be "permanent."

As Mr. Jones' lawyer, however, I argued that any exclusion should be indefinite, allowing for it to be modified or set aside in the future. Our position was shared by Tribal Chairman Masten, who told the Two Rivers Tribune on April 10 that "people excluded should have the chance to return to Hoopa after proving they have changed their criminal ways and are no longer a threat to the safety of the Hupa people."

In the end, the Tribal Court adopted Mr. Jones' position, ruling that Mr. Jones is "indefinitely excluded" from the reservation.

Greg Rael, Bayside

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