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Battle Cruisers

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Obviously Ryan Hurley doesn't have a lot of experience with the world of cruising ("Lame Duck Dynasty," Dec. 4). Not everyone who boards a cruise ship is looking for sunny beaches.

I was astounded by Mr. Hurley's recent comments about cruise ships visiting Humboldt Bay. Humboldt County has amazing sights for cruise visitors. My husband and I spent an hour and a half on a bus in Costa Rica on our way to float a river after landing in a not very attractive cruise port. The iguanas and monkeys were interesting, but the river was so muddy I wouldn't put my toe in it. In an hour and a half out of Humboldt Bay you could be floating the crystal clear rapids of the Trinity River, watching bald eagles, egrets and maybe a bear fishing the river. I'm sure the Big Foot Rafting Company would be happy for the business. And the Willow Creek wineries would warmly welcome the visitors.

Or how about a tour of the Avenue of the Giants and lunch at the historic Benbow Inn with a stop just north of Richardson's Grove to shop for redwood souvenirs? A trip north to Redwood National Park? Or an historic tour of Old Town Eureka and Blue Ox Millworks with an opportunity to shop afterwards? I'm certain the merchants would make our visitors feel very welcome. Where is your imagination, Mr. Hurley? Humboldt Bay is an amazing cruise destination.

Connie Miller, Eureka


I feel that spending millions of dollars to build docking for cruise ships is wrong. Investing in light manufacturing, or high tech facilities would create better, cleaner jobs. I can just see one of these polluting, floating tubs cracking up on the bar!

Dave Ellis, Eureka


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